{www.pfms.nic.in List} PFMS Scholarship 2021 – Application Form Last Date [Know PFMS Payment Status Online]

{www.pfms.nic.in List} PFMS Scholarship 2021 – Application Form Last Date [Know PFMS Payment Status Online]. How To Apply For PFMS Scholarship 2021-22 Online Bank List. Check Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Benefits, Login Portal At Official Website “www.pfms.nic.in”.

PFMS Scholarship 2021-22 Login – www.pfms.nic.in Scholarship List

The Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is nothing but a project by the Government of India, which takes care of the social sector programs. Which resource is allocated to which individual every track of it is kept by the Public Financial Management System (PFMS). 

The  Public Financial Management System (PFMS) provides various schemes for the candidates but the candidate should pass the Eligibility Criteria.

The candidate should meet the Eligibility Criteria which is defined by the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) if it is not met then the application can get rejected and the access for application of scholarship is deemed. If the application is found as duplicate then also the candidate’s scholarship is not granted. 

The Public Financial Management System (PFMS) provides various scholarships from school to college just you will need to submit the application form then the system will whether the candidate is qualified or not.

How To Apply Online For PFMS Scholarship 2021 – Application Form Process

  • Visit the official website www.pfms.nic.in to apply for PFMS Scholarship.
  •  Then click on ‘Student Registration’.
  •  Select the category of the “Scholarship from Universities/ College Students” for which you are going to apply.
  •  Then select the year of entering into 12th class.
  •  Enter the bank account number and the bank branch IFSC code.
  •  Enter the mobile number (working one).
  •  Fill the OTP which is sent on your mobile.
  •  Then click on the “verify” button and enter your email ID.
  •   By filling the fields create the User ID and Password.
  •  At last click on Submit Button.

Your application will be submitted.

Steps for PFMS Scholarship 2020-21 Renewal Application

  • The candidate must pick the board of education and the year of study of class 12. 
  •  The IFSC code and the account amount must be specified by the candidate.
  •  Then, click on the search button.
  •  As it is renewal by the student the scheme will be already filled out
  •  The applicant must provide their mobile number.
  •  the aspirant will receive the OTP number to that specified number.
  •  enter the OTP.
  •  The candidate needs to verify the email ID.
  •  The applicant needs to create their User ID & Password in the next step.
  •  Click on Submit Button.

PFMS Scholarship 2021-22 List 

The following is the list of scholarship which are provided by the Public Financial Management System.

  • TNMMS (National Means cum Merit Scholarship)
  • SC Students Post Matric Scholarships
  • OBC Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
  • SC Students Pre-Matric Scholarships
  • SC Students Top Class Education Scheme
  • Up-gradation of Merit of SC Students
  • Universities/ College Students

Steps to Know PFMS Payment Status Online

There are two ways to check the payment status which is as follows

PFMS Scholarship Status 2021 Payment by Aadhar Number

  • Enter the Aadhar number.
  • Enter Aadhar number to get verified.
  • The verification word.
  • The word as mention there case sensitive.
  • Then click on the Search Button.

PFMS Scholarship 2021 Payment by Account Number

  • Candidates should check the provided link “https://pfms.nic.in/static/NewLayoutCommonContent.aspx?RequestPagename=static/TrackNSPpayments.aspx“.
  • Select the bank that you have the account.
  • Enter the bank’s first few letters and the name will appear.
  • Enter the account number.
  • Then re-enter the account number of the verification.
  • Then proceed to the verification word.
  • Then click the search button.

Click Here To Apply Online For pfms.nic.in Scholarship 2021.

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